Kari's new Rod... kinda

Kari went to Wyoming in Oct.(2010) for work. She had seen an old 26-27 Model T Touring body in Hazen over the summer, and said "I want it!" So while she was gone I ran up and bought it for her. She had called me over the week and asked about the car and if it was still around, I told her it had been sold, she was a little bummed I think. When she got home I had the body sitting on the trailer in the driveway with a big red bow... she loved it! Now just to find the rest of the parts and put it all together

I did find a set of 36 rear trailing arms and leaf spring at the junk yard here in Glen Ullin the other day for it. They were buried under a stack of hoods and covered in grass, all I saw was about 18 inches of one arm and knew I had to have them!

Kari trying out her new TImageImage

Hey Jerome, what are your

ImageHey Jerome, what are your plans, or should I say her plans for the T. You know that's what our RPU started as. ( looked about the same too )


Tom, I don't want to sound

Tom, I don't want to sound like a copy cat but we too are going to make a RPU I love the look of them, and yours has a great style! I am changing some chassis things up with the spring setup, and trailing arms, open engine, not sure on which motor and trans to put in, we have 2 options one is a 232 Jetfire straight 6, side draft carb with intake manifold molded into the block, backed by a 3 speed with manual overdrive (this is out of a 53 Nash), the second is a straight 6 from a 1938 Pontiac, with a three speed. Paint will be traditional ol skool style scallops with colors out of the the late 50's. All part that go on the car were origanaly manufactured before 1960, except those that are hand fab. Old School and Traditional!

Seeing yours gives us hope that ours can be something great too!

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