What is NDSRA?

North Dakota Street Rod Association


  1. To promote safety in driving, automobile safety, and overall vehicle maintenance.
  2. To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the associations.
  3. To promote interest in various forms of the Street Rodding activity.
  4. To conduct functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the
    Street Rodding Hobby, and to encourage a better understanding of Street Rodding
    as a constructive hobby among members of the public, press, government and
    law enforcement agencies.
  5. To keep members updated concerning legislation pertaining to our hobby.
  6. To promote togetherness as a family. Street Rodding is very family oriented.


  1. Any person of good character interested in Street Rodding activities is eligible for membership.
  2. Membership dues are $15.00 per year. ($25.00 - 2 years)
  3. All members must maintain their vehicles in areas of safety to sustain their membership.
  4. Each member will receive a membership card, window decal and six newsletters per year.
  5. Each newsletter will keep members updated on coming events and activities in the North Dakota area.

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Board of Directors

President Scott Voegele Bismarck 701-751-2899 pres@ndsra.com
Vice President Ron Carlson Lisbon 701-683-5710 vpres@ndsra.com
Secretary/Treasurer Kari Zimmerman Laramie, WY 701-527-5031 webmaster@ndsra.com
Editor(s) Liz Martin Lisbon 701-683-5033 editor@ndsra.com
NE Director Dallas Hammond Hillsboro 701-436-6399 nedirector@ndsra.com
SE Director Ted Bryans West Fargo 701-793-5900 sedirector@ndsra.com
SC Director Carl Copeland Bismarck 701-255-1399 scdirector@ndsra.com
NC Director Wally Renfrow Minot 701-839-4317 ncdirector@ndsra.com
W Director Aaron Rosenow Hazen 701-873-2336 wdirector@ndsra.com

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PO Box 459
Bismarck, ND 58502

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